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Happy Endings/Mr. Bellers Neighborhood

Galapagos Artspace

Cafe Grumpy's

Think Coffee

Lyre Lyre

Bowery Art Space

Upstairs at Erika's

Blue Stockings


Invisible Girls, dancing girl press

Bedtime Stories, dancing girl press

You Were My Death, Kattywompus Press





Erika Lutzner is the editor of Scapegoat Review. She curates Upstairs at Erika’s, a monthly writer's salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her work can be found in various places such as failbetter, Eclectica Magazine, and Tygerburing Literary Journal.  Her first book, Invisible Girls, by dancing girl press is now available as well as a second book, Bedtime Stories.  You Were My Death by Kattywompus Press is now available. While Everything Slipped Away will be out with Calypso Press in 2015. Erika is also a member of Calyspo Editions.